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martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Resurrection Fest 2012

_SET LIST: 0:00:04 ANOTHER DAY WILL COME "Knives" 0:03:46 MOKSHA 0:06:49 NO BAD BLOOD "More Than A Thousand" *0:09:49 Momentazo! 0:23:42 REEL BIG FISH "I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend" 0:29:17 REEL BIG FISH "Beer" 0:32:48 REEL BIG FISH "Sell Out" 0:36:31 REEL BIG FISH "Take On Me" 0:40:06 SET YOUR GOALS "Echoes" 0:43:50 SET YOUR GOALS "Certain" 0:48:05 AGNOSTIC FRONT "Blitzkrieg Bop" 0:50:25 H2O "Nothing To Prove" 0:53:15 H2O "Family Tree" 0:56:09 H2O "Everready" 0:58:26 MISPLACE "Construir VS Destruir" 1:02:01 MISPLACE "Olvidarnos" *1:04:10 Momentazo! 1:05:05 MISPLACE "Tesón y Costancia" (Alarma Social) con Juanji 1:06:25 MISPLACE "Recuerda" 1:15:05 MXPX "Punk Rawk Show" 1:36:17 AGAINST ME! "Cliche Guevara" 1:38:26 AGAINST ME! "Don't Lose Touch" 1:41:30 AGAINST ME! "Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists" 1:46:00 AGAINST ME! "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" 1:49:11 AGAINST ME! "New Wave" 1:53:49 AGAINST ME! "The Ocean" 1:58:00 AGAINST ME! "Pints Of Guiness Make You Strong" *2:08:00 (solo de guitarra) 2:10:51 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "Cyco Vision" *2:12:56 (solo de batería) 2:14:12 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow" 2:18:13 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "Memories of Tomorrow" *Momentazo del público!! 2:20:33 DESCENDENTS "I'm The One" 2:22:42 DESCENDENTS "Rotting Out" 2:24:49 DESCENDENTS "Nothing With You" 2:27:17 DESCENDENTS "Coffee Mug" 2:27:53 DESCENDENTS "Suburban Home" 2:29:27 DESCENDENTS "I Like Food" 2:29:49 DESCENDENTS "Get The Time" 2:33:00 DESCENDENTS "Thank You" 2:35:19 DESCENDENTS "I'm Not a Loser" 2:37:02 DESCENDENTS "Sour Grapes" 2:40:48 DESCENDENTS "Kabuki Girl" 2:41:59 DESCENDENTS "Descendents" 2:43:45 THE EYES 2:49:16 GOOD RIDANCE GOOD RIDANCE 2:53:14 ANTI-FLAG ANTI-FLAG *3:03:40 Momentazo! (3:05:16) END 3:06:44

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Daniel Lqst dijo...

el año que viene mas y mejor!!!

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